A Vegetable Harvest & A Summer BBQ

When Sarah and Adam arrived they found the garden had some vegetables ready to harvest.

The potatoes were due for digging up and Adam was up to the task so he got started, only to find a nest of little blackbird eggs which hatched only a few days later. It's amazing to see how fast they grow!

The snow peas were in abundance and ready for picking so Sarah got stuck into it.

I knew just what to do with those potatoes & snow peas and created a delicious potato salad which was a hit with our guests at a little BBQ we held down by the creek.

There was marinated octopus & squid on the BBQ both freshly caught by James. We tried possum on skewers and a slow cooked porterhouse on the BBQ along with an abundance of fresh salads.

A great night sharing wonderful food with locals, travelers and our workers.

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