Bundled Garlic & Caramelised Onions

The garlic from our garden had been harvested and it needs to be stored so it will keep well.

Adam spent the morning bundling up the garlic with twine into good sized bunches and together Sarah & Adam hung the garlic in rows where it should last throughout the next year.

Time for a lunch break which we enjoyed in the warmth of the sunroom overlooking the channel.

After lunch Caramelised Onions were next on the list so 20kg of onions needed to be peeled and chopped. It's never an easy task when onions are involved and as usual there were tears, but we opened all the doors and turned on the fan which worked just as well as if we were cuttting the onions outside in a breeze. But once again our Whooppee Wonder Worker Woman (my handy electic chopping machine) came in very handy, finely chopping those onions in no time.

The caramelised Onions cooked overnight so Sarah and Adam spent the next morning weighing and packaging them so they are now all ready for the Salamanca Market on Saturday.

The afternoon was spent labeling the Orange Blossom and Lime & Ginger flavoured Balsamic Vinegars as well as the Caramelised Onions we had just made.

Another successful couple of days here at Tassie Tastebuds!

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