Workers Come From Far And Wide

This is a picture of the world map which is hanging up in our workers breakfast and lunch room. The red pins indicate the location of where the many travelers who have stayed with us have come from. As you can see we've had workers from all over the world and they all have a great time helping us out and learning new skills. We also have a book where all our workers leave their names and addresses as well as any stories and comments they would like to make.

One of the jobs that we get our workers to help us out with is maintaining our vegie garden. Here's John harvesting the horseradish, it's a big job but he was up to the challenge.

The horseradish now needs to be sorted out and the offcuts taken to the burn off pile afterwhich the horseradish will be washed, shredded and blended by Whoopee Wonder Worker Woman to be added to our chutney and mustard or sold neat as a pure relish.

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