The winner of the July "brrrrr"Lucky Box is Guy Williams

I brought the lucky little box inside to take the photo beside the fire as it has been so bleak, windy, wet and cold.

I hope the August Lucky Box can have a photo in the sun!

Rhubarb July.jpg

My patch at Woodbridge has a small market garden in which I grow Rhubarb, being the principle ingredient of my Rhubarb and Ginger Chutney and my Rhubarb Jam. I grow rhubarb because I can, actually, anyone can!!! It is a totally forgiving plant and can be neglected if necessary. Wallabies are not meant to like it, but they do have a nibble at it from time to time, but will probably have sore tummies for a day or so as the leaves contain oxalic acid, a toxic acid.

Here is Mathieu, from Paris, France, being rural.

Lunch June.jpg

Woodbridge is a bit of a beacon for WWOOFERs, HelpX and Workaway users.

We often have 2 or 3 hosts in the area with helpers from these sites.

Here we have Mathieu and Olivia from Paris, who were with us for 2 weeks before going to Bruny to help on a pig farm. Thomas is from Toulouse and was helping out at another local host but had been with us for 2 weeks. Jen is from Finland and had had 2 three weeks stays with us, but came back for lunch with Matt, an Aussie Host and Bill my partner

bonnie clifton.jpg

The other very important member of the team is Bonnie the Staffy, or part thereof. Here she is doing what she does best, chasing the ball.

We are down at Clifton Beach. which is a great surf beach, this day being an exception.

We have shack there,built in 1927, with few renovations, but the long drop has been brought inside

That’s it for me for July.

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