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Travelling the world starts with one foot out the door.

Writing a Blog is a bit the same. Just pick up the pen or tap the keyboard.

Here goes.

Back in 2011, Steve Borland, the dude in the grey wetsuit, set up a Website for me, and I would just like to acknowledge and thank Steve for his help.

No knowing a thing about it, I was very impressed to get orders via Internet. Now I realise I need to get my head around it and Online Sales.

Thomas Rey - Clifton Bay June 16.JPG

I was galvanised into action by a French HelpX traveller who spent 2 weeks with us. He sorted my current Website and Online Sales procedures. Being the wrong side of 50 to grasp IT, this was a huge help. Thank you Thomas.

Here are photos of Steve during a great snorkelling day and Thomas at our shack at Clifton Beach.

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