Jams and Jellies

Rhubarb Jam

Ingredients: rhubarb, sugar, citric acid, pectin.


The rhubarb has a happy, organically grown, sustainable life, waving its leaves in the sea breeze, overlooking the water to Bruny Island. ‘Sustainable’ in that rhubarb is a plant that we like but wallabies don’t—yet!!


Initially I did not make jam. Huff Puff. Then I made it and it sold. Now I make jam.


It is, no secret, just cooked with sugar and a bit of citric acid to keep the freshness alive, and a touch of pectin. The trick is not to cook it too long so as not to lose colour.


How I do that is a secret!


Serving Suggestions:


  • On toast, toast and more toast.

  • Add it to sweet pastries or a sponge cake filling.

  • With stewed apple, it is a great crepe filling.


Pinot Noir Jelly with Pepperberry

Ingredients: Pinot noir juice, sugar, pectin, citric acid, pepperberries, chilli.


The pepperberry tree is indigenous to Tasmanian forests. The berries are macerated in the pinot juice to extract the pungent flavours and hot pepper essence. The pinot’s summer fruit flavours of raspberries, strawberries and cherries are retained in this conserve. In cooking the jelly, some of the heat of the pepperberry is lost so a touch of chilli is added to keep the ‘pepper’ alive. The result is an aromatic jelly with a mild chilli finish.


Serving Suggestions:


  • It has a firm set so it can sit on a warm meat plate without dissolving into a puddle.

  • It complements game meats such as wallaby, rabbit, venison and duck.

  • Glaze the cooked meats and allow to rest before carving.

  • To create a wine sauce, deglaze a meat pan with wine, add jelly and serve. Forget the gravy.

  • Fantastic with ham off the bone.


Pinot Noir Jelly

Ingredients: Pinot Noir juice, sugar, citric acid, pectin.


Tassie is for Pinot what Baby Bear’s porridge was for Goldilocks. Not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

The slow ripening of the grape induces intense summer fruit flavours of raspberries, strawberries and cherries, which are retained in this conserve.


Serving Suggestions:


  • The firm set allows this jelly to sit ‘like Jackie’ on a cheese board. The grape glow is just a magical touch of colour.

  • It accompanies blue cheese superbly and is also delicious with white mould cheeses.

  • It is also a wonderful accompaniment to grills and sausages.

  • And yes, you may have it on toast.


Quince Jelly

Ingredients: Quince juice, cane sugar, citric acid, pectin.


So many people have memories of their youth when quince jelly was "always there".

It is great when they say "This is how it used to be"


Serving Suggestion


  • Serve with anything you used to have it with or, if in doubt serve with cheese, poultry or scones and cream, preferably clotted.


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