Caramelised onions

Ingredients: onion, sugar, red wine, sherry, Marsala, balsamic vinegar, salt, chilli.


This product is cooked down for 6 hours and reduced to a rich, sticky conserve.

The secret—until we told you!­—is Marsala, which gives an intensity to the middle palate.


Serving Suggestions:


  • A great accompaniment to all meats, hot or cold, grilled or roasted.

  • It can be added to a casserole or stew or included in the ingredients of a terrine or meat loaf.

  • It is great on a pizza or in a sandwich as it will not make the bread go soggy.

  • Try it with paté on a good dry biscuit such as lavosh, or to accompany any charcuterie.

  • Great with bacon.

  • In other words, it really goes with something at any meal.


Chilli Beetroots

Ingredients: beetroot, chilli, raw and brown sugar, red wine, balsamic vinegar, black pepper, salt.


The flavours are slowly absorbed in long cooking, and release slowly on the palate. It takes you on a bit of a journey, a bit like a culinary roller coaster, and finishes with a slight chilli tease.

The flavour of the beetroot comes first, then the sugars, then the vinegar, then the chilli, but at no time can you taste them all at the same time. Bizarre!


Serving Suggestions:


  • The Chilli Beetroot is a perfect accompaniment to cold meat and charcuterie. A marriage made in heaven with ham.

  •  Incorporate it in dark leaf salads such as red cabbage coleslaw, or rocket and baby chard.

  • Top a white mould cheese canapé with a generous chunk or add to a sandwich.


Pickled walnuts tapenade

Ingredients: Green walnuts, salt, balsamic vinegar, brown and raw sugar, spices.


This is a user friendly product of the pickled walnut. The walnut plus pickling syrup is pureed to a tapenade texture. (The term ‘tapenade’ is used with healthy dose of culinary creative cudos. It just seemed the best to describe the product)


Serving suggestions:


  • A generous dollop will buck up any cold meat especially corned beef. I am constantly suprised how many people say “Oh I just cooked corned beef last night”!

  • A shiny black blob on a bit of white mould cheese on a cracker is a drop dead easy canapé


Pickled Walnuts

Ingredients: Green walnuts, salt, balsamic vinegar, brown and raw sugar, spices.


The walnuts are picked green on, or around, Christmas Eve. Pickers get big Brownie points. The soft shell is inside. They are brined and set out to dry for three consecutive sunny days. So far, since 2005, so good! Once pickled, they slice into wonderful black shapes showing the curly walnut inner structure. 


Serving suggestions:


  • They are traditionally served with cold cuts of meat including turkey and ham and exceptional with charcuterie. They are also wonderful with cheeses, especially the bloomy rind, Brie, Camembert style.

  • They keep their colour and shape when cooked, for example, in a terrine or casserole.


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